Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ouch, my head hurts

Happy or sad, jealous or proud, envious or territorial - it doesn't make any difference. Feelings are simply feelings. It is only a state of mind. The irony is that, the longer u detain the acknowledgment of feelings, the faster you find yourself falling into an abyss of nothingness. Swallowing you up inside and pulling you into a vortex of wild imagination. Get it out, you find the exit.

It was very unpleasant of you to invade my privacy. Like a bull in my china shop, your selfish ignorance has caused breakage and harm. I am not feeling feisty at all. Therefore, I walked away. Dropping everything and removing myself from this explosive situation is not a sign of weakness. It simply means I am strong enough to let go. My detachment doesn't make you the winner, not even for seconds. If you are insecure, please don't throw all the aggressive energy to others, instead divert those energy into something positive. Word to self, if you are not ever going to stop, I will only let myself roll with the punches that may or may not come my way because obviously you are the one with a chip on the shoulder. Blimey.

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