Friday, August 8, 2008

A lot is being made of the fact that today is 08/08/08, a day when superstitions are acknowledged, many lottery tickets are sold, and people start marveling at the numerical symmetry displayed on their mobile phones and computer calenders.

(This post is purely for the sake of the date and time.)

Are you feeling lucky, yet?


Lissa said...

i feel more mundane and paralyzed rather than having strokes of luck

ADELINE HO said...

in that split second, well, not much happened. I certainly do not feel any luckier at 08.08.08am. A giant wad of cash didnt suddenly appear our of nowhere. But, of course, the olympics games kick off in Beijing on this auspicious day in history.

The number right is considered a lucky number by the chinese, so it makes sense that many people are awed by the day 08/08/08.

And u will be freaking out to realize that there are eight letters in the word "Olympics". LOL


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