Friday, August 1, 2008

Sweet Oh, Sweet

Belgian chocolate has always been renowned for their bitter, unmatched and quality taste - the small, instantaneous pleasure. Koko Black is a celebration of the cult of chocolate, definitely not for the faint-hearted. Stepping into the clutches of Koko Black is to be devastatingly smitten by the seduction of all things chocolate - sitting inside, one is surely to be driven to distraction by the frantic mass of all things black and brown and garnished with pistachio dust, aided by the smooth and subtle decor in abundance shade of chocolate. The menu is intensely unapologetic. Best hot chocolate, rich and creamy yet not too overwhelming. Iced chocolate is all time favorite, a rich combination of chocolate and vanilla ice cream complimented with thick chocolate sauce. Belgian Spoil, chocolate platter, that is not to be gobbled but savored. As a temple to chocolate, handmade chocolate using Belgian ingredients just put your taste bud to the ultimate test.

Just feed me Belgian chocolate, all day long.

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