Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Train of complaints

Mom and I. The two of us have been bickering a lot lately. However, when I see through our bluster I know that deep down inside we really love and respect each other. Our words carried a lot of weight with each of them. Why do we need to hurt each other like this? You are always not easy to please, and forever I feel like I can never do right in your eyes. But I am already giving too much, working too hard, and caring more than I need to. It's time to take stock of things. I don't mind working so hard to read your mind long as it is worthwhile. All these constant power struggles are not really the way I want to live my life with you. When I take another look at the argument we often had, I quickly see how the rift was caused by each person being too rigid and unwilling to see the other side of things. I want to keep us both happy but I cannot do it alone. I need your help to make this work.


I don't mean to be deemed as being flaky. I wanna put things in motion. I don't want to make empty promises. But I still have a long way to go...and I've only just began.

I am still learning...


"Amplifying the volume of romance in your life can be easy if you admit that romance doesn't just relate to a love relationship. Romance exists wherever there is beauty, wherever there is music, and wherever there are two people laughing at a private joke. You need to adjust your vision to include a wider view of what is romantic. Then, you will start to see romance a lot more often. Cherish the way you relate to the world. Smell the roses. You're rushing around too much to notice the magic."

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