Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy as can be

Against all odd, I plucked my last courage and went to Cut Off Your Hands gig alone. It turned out surprisingly not as daunting as I initially thought. Everything went as smooth as summer cherries. Despite the many gigs I've followed back in hometown, I wasn't prepared for the kind of quality performance I'd get here. It was my best spent of $75, ever.

11.30pm on the dot, the band came on, adjusted their instruments, checked mikes and sound, and exploded to life before me. The audience were awesome, they reached, they sang with them, they screamed, they leapt, they jumped, they reeled, they careened, they danced, they responded with much fondness, and they went all crazy (in a good way). Cut Off Your Hands absolutely bowled me over with their magnetism, professionalism, talent, stage presence, energy and charisma, I hardly breathed for that 85 minutes. I only thought it would be fun to check out the gig scene here, I had no particular expectation and I was in no way prepared for the frenzy I'd developed for them. Their songs are just downright catchy that one cannot help but to hum along with them. I swear to god my mind was exploding with glee and I had a big smile on me the whole time. The night ended with two new friends, a cd, a tshirt, a freebie bag, an unfinished beer, multiple mind-orgasms, sweat, smile, glee, and a very satisfied girl - yours truly.

Hopefully this is the first to many more.

I am still high in the state of euphoria.
I need heavier boots to set my feet back on the ground.
I have yet found another reason to stay...

...if I only I could, I would.

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