Friday, September 19, 2008

Cold kids of the night

Behold the 9 degree
is it Spring or am I deluded to believe that winter has yet to end?

Fury thing that moves on four legs, conversations over Luis Bunuel's Surrealist Martini, Mocha and Cappuccino do not curb the dead feeling of cold. I guess it must be cold for there are no warm memories.
Time is scarce, we sure fully utilized our 24 hours, spent it talking - loves, disgusts, hopes, dreams, future. The conversations stretched till the next morning come.

Time like these compromise lust for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire.


Leila said...

The third photo, and the two last ones... I want!

youre right, it's getting hot here but I know what you mean. Melted hot chocolate, and cake.. intelligent conversation, pretty things to look at, rambling thought...

sounds like my autumn not my spring!

ADELINE HO said...

precisely! It's supposed to be getting hot here but somehow the weather this year is abit off. If u got what i mean :)

so when can we have smart conversations over cuppa?



I love your pictures.
I'm sure you're doing great there.
Enjoying as well as suffering?
But I don't think you're suffering much.
Experience maybe...its been a long time.

heehee..time flies.
all the best in all you do.

ADELINE HO said...

thankiu~woohah! in fact, i am doing so great that my confidence is slowly swaying to being plain cocky! LOL! kidding. still always humble. so how are you doing darling?

Time, indeed, flies!!! I was gob smacked! one year passed just like a blink.

Nah, honey, if you think i am suffering for one bit, u are so wrong! I am never happier! but i'll be lying if i were to say i don't feel jack now because i still do, it still hurts a little.



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