Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Loose Translation

Sometimes I wonder if I could be walking, talking and thinking right in step with everyone. Will there come a day whereby everyone is in synch with me -- or that I've been in synch with them all along?

It never comes a day when I don't be deemed as cocky when my confidence is growing steadily. So much as that when I am at my lowest point of esteem, it never cease them to take glee over my misfortune.

She told me "because you've scored many wins recently, its inevitable that you will come in at second place sooner or later."

Stay humble and accept your accolades as they come but don't ask for more. People get annoyed when they're asked to applaud for someone they've already acknowledged. Don't push your luck.

I am just happy and I want to share it.
To who, without being judged?


dy said...

nice series u have thr. i'm always a big fan of street photography. i love especially the 1st photo. keep it up

ADELINE HO said...

Andy u the best! u the one i could share my joy with no judgment passed on.Wait til i get my lomo diane+ or seagull.


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