Friday, September 5, 2008

Plotting and Scheming

Caption: Can you keep a secret?

Nothing is well-suited for action like today.
Today provided me with the perfect opportunity to bring you and your fictitious intellect down. If you appeared to be completely oblivious it is evident that you're just too shallow to comprehend your own pomposity. And, for those who are extraneous, if you think I am speaking of you, perhaps you're guilt-ridden or that you're just plain vain.
Oh my, I do dated one who lives by the latter.

There is an explanation behind the template changes and whatnot.
To that
someone, why model yourself after someone you admire when you can be the original person who everyone else admires? No doubt, your imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery to me, but it can also send the wrong message about who you really are to people you want to impress and let me tell you, I already think lowly of you. Why try so hard to fit in, dear? You have an intense energy that appeals to people, but it is only present when you yourself are completely present.
Today, you've got to be for real.

If only you are smart enough to figure out the hidden message.


Lissa said...


it's schadenfreude. and oh how we endorse in it.


emmanuel said...

ur hidden msg was brutal..sorry 4 whoever it is.

ADELINE HO said...

oh yeah, we are bitches on wheels! HOT ones to boot!


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