Monday, September 22, 2008

It's your birthday

I will never forget this date
I want to thank your mother for giving birth to you
For she blessed me with,
a sister
a "mother"
a friend
a confidant
a partner in crime

Someone to show me that there is a lot more in this world.
something bigger
something bolder
something wider.
Something that I, myself, could not have a grasp of it.

I will always remember our toilet bowl-hogging good times,
promises of becoming spinsters together,
the reluctance of returning home,
the insatiable appetite for cheap food,
low tolerance of bimbos,
those hot bitching sessions,
cold lame jokes that merely rattle bones,
joys, pain, sorrow, happiness, pride,
dreams, hopes, loves, disgusts, future,
all in one.

Next year, next time.

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