Thursday, October 23, 2008

This is not a love song

To say I am so jealous that a task that stressed me out is as easy as a walk in the park for some is just an understatement. Everyone has their own level of skill, and mine just happen to be very low in a certain way. I offer no excuse, I am that dumb. Odd to say, somehow, a few days ago, I had the sudden feeling to stop doing what I was and called my mom. We had quite a long chit chat. As opposed to the grumpiness that I was supposed to reflect, mom however thought I was pretty much on cloud nine. Yes, my mom can be delusional and denial sometimes. Perhaps because I did not take out my frustration on her that lead to this optimism.

"Do not let yourself keep thinking that if something is difficult, it must be bad for you." A tough challenge doesn't always a good lesson in life, Sometimes, it's just a pain in the neck.

To add stress, after a few gossiping/bonding/updating moments with mom, we suddenly came to a very absurd conclusion that breaking heart is the new black. Call us cynical because cynical, we are. All I heard around are news of recent breakups of friends', friends' of friend, friends' of someone's friend. Reasonings (or rather as evasions in my dictionary) are long-distance, weary relationships, worn-out feelings, personality incompatibility to name a few. What I see lacking is 'responsibility' and 'loyalty'. If you can't give any fly about commitment, don't make one - ever, period.

If you think I am going on a full-fledged talk about relationships and commitment, you could save that for another rainy day. I am so jaded with my ever failing relationships that I do not know how it feels like to be out of love. Shrug. Seriously.

I do not know why but this photo does not do my joy any justice.
I was actually very happy.
I am going to burn that tshirt - someday, someday.

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